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Marden Agroinvest, your source for sustainable Paulownia cultivation in Romania. Committed to eco-friendly practices, we specialize in producing high-quality timber. Join us on the journey towards a greener future

We Have One Goal

To Provide The Highest Quality Organic Products and Services

Marden Agroinvest is a young firm that began operating in the agricultural sector in 2019 by acquiring other businesses and assembling a new team. 

Currently, the company owns 241 hectares of agricultural land in total. Within a 30-kilometer radius, the lands are situated in Romania’s Mehedinţi county (in Vrata, Gruia, and Poiana Gruii).  

The company’s primary business is planting Paulownia Clone in Vitro 122 trees, which grow quickly and provide biomass and lumber. Other zoo-technical and agricultural tasks that our organization engaged in, included animal husbandry and grain production.

Our Product

Paulownia Clone in Vitro 112

A ground-breaking development in rapidly growing trees intended for the production of biomass and lumber. With an amazing 3–4 growing cycles, our state-of-the-art farming system demonstrates the unmatched potential of sustainable forestry. As we cultivate the future of green timber solutions, our dedication to innovation and eco-conscious techniques sets us apart, with an average timber production of an astounding 300 m³ per hectare.

Our Farm

Poiana Gruii-Farm

Comprising structures, a wood processing unit, and a 5-hectare yard, our facility is equipped with essential features. Noteworthy elements include a spacious barn measuring 1049 m² with a notable capacity for 250 animals, as well as a smaller barn covering 300 m². The administrative center extends over 30 m², while our 582 m² warehouse stands ready to accommodate and oversee all your woodworking requirements.

Our Plantations

Poiana Gruii

Established in 2019, our youngest plantation spans 110 hectares, incorporating a meticulously planned 4×4 planting scheme. Within this expansive landscape, 40 hectares are dedicated to 22,500 Paulownia trees, yielding 10,800 m³ of timber and 1,200 tons of biomass. An additional 70 hectares thrive with the production of organic alfalfa.

Our facilities, designed for efficiency and sustainability, include a drip irrigation system, a secure fence, a water storage tank, a power generator, ample storage space, and two deep wells. These components collectively underscore our commitment to eco-friendly practices and ensure the smooth operation of our plantation.

Izvoare I

Our operational 47-hectare farm, established in 2016, employs a 4×4 planting system featuring 28,600 Paulownia trees. Annually, we anticipate yielding 1,440 tons of biomass and 12,955 m³ of wood. Complementing this, an additional 18,445 Paulownia trees in the nursery contribute an extra 92 tons of biomass each year.

To guarantee efficient and sustainable practices, our facilities encompass a drip irrigation system, secure fencing, a water storage tank, an electricity supply system, and ample storage space (including containers and warehouses). Additionally, we have two deep wells in place to further support our operational needs.

Izvoare II

Established in 2018 on a 19-hectare site, our operations incorporate mulch film and a diverse planting system. Cultivating 22,600 Paulownia trees, we proudly yield 6,831 m³ of timber and 1,518 tons of biomass. Key amenities include two deep wells, a drip irrigation system, a water storage tank, a secure fence, an electric generator, and ample storage space. These elements are integral to our dedication to efficient and sustainable practices.


Initiated in 2017 on a 50-hectare expanse, our project involves 25,700 Paulownia trees strategically planted in a 4×4 arrangement. Anticipating an annual output of 1,477 tons of biomass and 13,300 m³ of wood, we further enhance our efforts with an additional 20,000 Paulownia trees in our nurseries, contributing around 60 tons of biomass yearly.

Our comprehensive facilities encompass two deep wells, storage space, a water storage tank, a drip irrigation system, and safety fencing. These elements collectively underpin our commitment to efficient and sustainable practices.

Grown With Love On Our Lands

Our hybrids, meticulously crafted from selected varieties using rapid plant development, produce premium wood ideal for timber and biomass. While beneficial for forestry and agriculture, successful implementation demands expertise and resources. We’ve examined the environmental benefits and applications of our Paulownia tree hybrids, contributing to a sustainable and greener future.

Paulownia Clone in Vitro 122

Paulownia Hybrid

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