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Welcome to Marden Agroinvest, a hub for sustainable Paulownia cultivation that seamlessly integrates eco-conscious practices with innovative technology. Join us in shaping a future where premium timber and biomass production thrive in harmony with efficiency and environmental responsibility

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Explore our premium Paulownia trees and Bio Lucerne—where sustainable cultivation meets excellence. Discover the perfect blend of quality timber and nutrient-rich forage, symbolizing our commitment to a greener future.

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Supplying The Best Organic Products

Founded in 2019, Marden Agroinvest has quickly become a leading force in sustainable farming. Starting on 19 hectares, our journey has unfolded into a sprawling 110-hectare operation, where we passionately cultivate premium Paulownia trees and nutrient-rich Bio Lucerne.

From the early days of mixed planting schemes, we’ve grown to master a strategic 4×4 plantation scheme with mulching foil, yielding an impressive 10,800 m³ of timber and 1,200 tons of biomass. Today, our commitment to eco-conscious practices extends to Bio Lucerne on 70 hectares, adding a vibrant dimension to our agricultural canvas.

At Marden Agroinvest, each tree planted represents a commitment to a greener, more sustainable future. Join us on this dynamic journey, where innovation and environmental responsibility converge to shape the landscape of modern agriculture.

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